Lima, Ruins of Caral, Paramonga Fortress, Sechin, Trujillo, Chan Chan, Huacas del Sol y la Luna, Lord of Sipan and Sican, Chiclayo, Chachapoyas, Kuelap Fortress, Shachapuyos, Chulucanas, Piura, Punta Sal, Mancora, Galapagos Islands

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The best touristic and not touristic places
(It's not a regular tour, let's discover Peru inside)

Friendly and professional tour leaders
(you are our guest & part of the team)

4wd Toyota Land Cruiser
(The best 4x4 thinking on comfort & security)
(Rancho & Old Man Emu suspension)
(Cooper, Dunlop or Bridgestone tires)
(Engines have a strict maintenance)
(Oil and grase 100% syntetic)

Beautifull hotels, comfortable, clean & safe
(choosed also by good location and friendly staff)

Departures EVERY day
(Safe 100 dollars on regular sundays fixed departures)

Qualified local Guides
(skilled in each area)

Personalized tour leader on board
(you are not going to have just a driver, you will get a pro in expeditions)

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Magic Kingdoms & Galapagos

10 days | Route 4.10g


  • Lima
  • Ruins of Caral
  • Paramonga Fortress
  • Sechin
  • Trujillo
  • Chan Chan
  • Huacas del Sol y la Luna
  • Lord of Sipan and Sican
  • Chiclayo
  • Chachapoyas
  • Kuelap Fortress
  • Shachapuyos
  • Chulucanas
  • Piura
  • Punta Sal
  • Mancora
  • Galapagos Islands connection
  • Travel style: 4wd Expeditions
  • Transport: Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Physical Demands Rating: Moderate
  • Next Available
    : Thu, Jan. 01, 1970


You will know Lima, Caral ruins with 5000 years old, Paramonga Fortress, The design of the Sechin warriors on stone, The city of the eternal spring Trujillo, the largest clay city of Peru, Chan Chan, the mysterious Temples of the Sun and Moon, the Lords of Sipan and Sican with gold attire, the capital of the duck rice and Algarrobina, the city Chiclayo, The impenetrable fortress of Chachapoyas and Kuelap (the Machu Picchu of the north), the Shachapuyos mummies and sarcophagi, the Chulucanas black and white typical crafts, the beautiful city of Piura and it´s beautiful unspoiled beaches, Punta Sal and connection to Guayaquil.


10 Hotel nights, transportation on a 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser from Lima to Guayaquil, food according to program (10 breakfasts) specialized guides and experts with high quality service.

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1st Day

Lima - Caral - Paramonga - Sechin - Casma / Hotel Night

Meals Included: None

2nd Day

Casma - Trujillo - Chan Chan - Huanchaco/ Hotel Night

Meals Included: Breakfast

3rd Day

Huanchaco - Ruins of Huaca del Sol y la Luna - Chiclayo/ Hotel Night

Meals Included: Breakfast

4th Day

Chiclayo - Lord of Sican - Lambayeque - Lord of Sipan - Chiclayo / Hotel Night

Meals Included: Breakfast

5th Day

Chiclayo- Andes crossing - Chachapoyas / Hotel Night

Meals Included: Breakfast

6th Day

Chachapoyas - Kuelap Fortress - Mummys Museum - Chachapoyas / Hotel Night

Meals Included: Breakfast

7th Day

Chachapoyas - Pottery Chulucanas - Piura / Hotel Night

Meals Included: Breakfast

8th Day

Piura - Mancora - Punta Sal / Hotel Night at the beach

Meals Included: Breakfast

9th Day

Oil plattform visit - Snorkel diving / Hotel Night

Meals Included: Breakfast

10th Day

Mancora - Tumbes - Machala - Guayaquil (Ecuador) in 4x4

Meals Included: Breakfast

Expedition End





Jean François Collin & Sonia Lukawecki Canada
Antonio Alghisi & Giovanna Belloti Italy
Kelwyn Keen. Seng Yeun & Poh Kim Yee Singapore
Diogo Marczyk e Camila Lucchesi Brazil
John Schopf - Wendy John Schopf & Susan Watkins USA


3 stars hotels, where we have chosen the best in its category, comfortable rooms, spacious, clean and spectacular service.


4 and 5 stars Hotels, the best in its category in the city, where sleep is a luxury, hence the name of this level.

Private Collection

Amazing Hotels, those who xceed expectations of tourists, recommended in the highest level in all travel guides.

Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4

This tours are with Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4, aconditioned with special shock absorvers Old Man Emu from Australia to give costumers comfort and security.

Our engines have a strict timetible to control maintenance looking for no get problems when we travel at the tours, our maintenance is with oil and grase 100% syntetic, giving the best performance for the engines safety and quality under hard driving conditions, no important the weather too cold or too hot.

Our 4wd drivers are more than professional, only the ones that have the experience and the best profile will go with you, experts in off road driving and sometimes instructors of our own school, Peru Expeditions lead also a 4wd team in Peru, so be prepare for a safe experience while travelling.

Most of our 4wd comes with snorkel, special tires for asphalt and off road (Bridgestone AT series) also special rescue equipment, that is not necesary for regular tours, but are there just in case.

Peru Expeditions have the permision with the Land Cruisers to croos all South American borders, driving by Peru is part of our great itineraries. Do something special next holiday, travel to Peru with Peru Expeditions.

Get the Advantage

This is a very comfortable tour by land with Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4, full equiped with shocks Old Man Emu from Australia, that give comfort and security at any driving condition, VHF radio communication, insurance in the 4wd, satellital phones or mobile phones connected to our head quarters. Our professional guides and drivers will take care you and show you the best touristic and not touristic places, included many that are not in any tour in Peru, because we have been made our own scouting. This travel style give you the chance to discover Peru in a different way, pulling over the 4wd each time you want to explore your self, taking pictures, resting at the beach or at the highest mountain, where we give a personaliced tour to cover and past all your requeriments.    
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